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iSwell supplies Long-Lasting thermoactuators and thermal actuators to brands in the Home Appliances and HVAC sectors.

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A wax-driven actuator is a small yet powerful linear actuator that uses the expansion of wax as the driving force to move a mechanical component.
It's the ideal solution for applications that require a consistently strong, smooth, quiet, and reliable force.

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Frequently asked questions

Can You Provide Us With Free Samples?

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Yes. Please contact us by submitting the form on our website.

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Are You a Manufacturing Factory?

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Yes, we are a manufacturing company that specializes in designing and producing wax-driven actuators.
Our location is in Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, China. You are welcome to visit us anytime.

What's Your Production Capacity?

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Our production capacity of our wax-driven actuators has reached 11,000 pieces per day as of 2023.

How Do You Ensure The Product Quality?

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At iSwell, we have a comprehensive quality control system in place to ensure the product quality. This includes strict material inspection, precise manufacturing processes, and rigorous testing procedures.
We conduct a Performance Test on each finished product before delivery to guarantee that every thermoactuator and thermal actuator meets our quality standards. Our commitment is to supply 100% qualified products to our customers.
Check this blog post to learn more about how we conduct factory tests to ensure the product quality.
Furthermore, our thermoactuators have acquired third-party approvals including VDE, UL, ISO9001, REACH, and RoHS.

What Is the Service Life of Your Wax-Driven Actuators?

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The service life of wax-driven actuators depends on two factors: the total time of energization and the load placed on the piston.
Our thermoactuators have a guaranteed life cycle of 15,000 cycles under specific conditions. These conditions include an ambient temperature of 25°C, a load of 50N on the piston, and a working cycle of 2 minutes ON and 5 minutes OFF.
Our thermal actuators have a guaranteed life cycle of 100,000 cycles under specific conditions. These conditions include an ambient temperature of 25°C, a load of 135N on the piston, and a working cycle of 4 minutes ON and 10 minutes OFF.

Can You Offer Customizations for Products like Door Locks and Detergent Dispensers?

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Unfortunately, iSwell specializes only in manufacturing high-quality thermoactuators and wax motors. However, we are happy to offer OEM/ODM services for our existing product lines to meet your needs.
While we could potentially increase profits by expanding into other product areas, we prefer to stay focused on what we do best: continuously improving our product quality and manufacturing process, and expanding the use of wax-driven actuators to more applications.