Electric Ball Valve Actuator


Our T17 electric ball valve actuator is an innovative 90° quarter-turn actuator for heating/cooling system automation. Unlike traditional motor-driven actuators, the T17 utilizes two of our Thermal Actuators instead of a motor. The wax inside the thermal actuators expands as PTC heats up and pushes the piston outwards. Then the thermal actuator drives the gear to rotate to open or close the valve. Check this post to learn more about the working principles of our wax-driven products.

Exploded View of iSwell T17 Electric Ball Valve Actuator
iSwell T17 Electric Ball Valve Actuator Animation

Each thermal actuator is responsible for specific rotations, converting linear motion into rotary motion through the gear structure, effectively opening or closing the ball valve.


iSwell T17 Electric Ball Valve Actuator Image
Operation Time
60s (90º Rotation)
Maximum torque
M30*1.5 / Customize
Operating voltage
230/24V AC/DC
ambient operating temperature
-5°C ~ +50°C
ambient operating humidity
RH30% ~ RH95%
Peak Current
Protection Class
life Cycle**
> 100,000 times
** Single Test Cycle: 5 Minutes ON and 10 Minutes OFF, Ambient Temperature: 25°C, Working Torque: 3Nm

Key Features

Silent Operation: Our wax-driven actuators operate completely silently, ensuring a quiet environment.
Exceptional Durability: By utilizing wax expansion as the driving force instead of a motor, our actuators offer an extended lifespan and exceptional durability.
Continuous High Torque: Experience consistent and high torque throughout the valve opening or closing process.
Super Energy-Saving: Our actuators consume zero power when the valve is opened or closed, providing excellent energy efficiency.
Flexible Installation: No specific water flow direction is required during installation, offering convenience and flexibility.
Easy Maintenance: The manual handle features a valve opening angle indication, making maintenance a breeze.
Anti-Condensation Design: Our actuators are designed to prevent condensation buildup, ensuring reliable performance.
Compact and Simple: With a compact size and straightforward structure, our actuators offer ease of installation and use.

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