Wax Motor


The wax motor is a compact and essential component found in thermoactuators. It comprises a sealed container filled with solid wax, a positive temperature coefficient thermistor (PTC), and a piston. iSwell's wax motors feature a plunger-type structure, allowing them to efficiently convert thermal energy into force and produce linear movement through the volumetric expansion of wax.
When the PTC heats up, the solid wax inside the container melts and expands. This expansion causes the piston to move outward as the liquid wax fills the available space. The force generated by the wax phase transition is substantial and provides excellent actuation capabilities.
Wax motors offer numerous advantages, including their compact size, ease of control, high force output, and silent operation. Their versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, and there are still many untapped possibilities for utilizing wax motors.
If you're new to wax motors, we invite you to explore our comprehensive blog post, where we cover all the essential aspects of this remarkable product.

Exploded View of iSwell's Thermo-actuators / Wax Motor Actuators P21.8T
Multiple iSwell Mini Wax Motors Y21
The piston of wax motor is pushed out as the wax inside expands when it's heated up by PTC.


Y21.6, Y21.8, Y21.12
Rated Stroke
6mm, 8mm, 12mm
Working Direction
Max. Pushing Force
Operating voltage
110-240V, 24V, 12V
steady-state power consumption
PTC steady-state Temperature
wax Melting temperature range
ambient operating temperature
-10°C ~ +90°C
ambient operating humidity
RH30% ~ 95%
life Cycle Numbers *
> 50,000
* Single Test Cycle: 2 Minutes ON and 5 Minutes OFF, Ambient Temperature: 25°C, Load on Plastic Ejector: 10N, Attenuation of Operating Stroke Stays Within the Tolerance.

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Practical field experience
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Wax motors are the ideal solution for applications that require quiet, smooth, powerful, and linear actuation. At iSwell, we offer customization options for wax motors to tailor them to specific project requirements. This includes adjusting parameters such as PTC power, wax melting temperature range, and more. Get in touch with us today to start a discussion and explore how our customized wax motors can meet your needs.

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