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A graph showing the relationship between working load and life cycle counts on iSwell thermoactuators
April 08, 2024

How Long Can a Thermoactuator Last

Understanding thermoactuator lifespan and two major aspects that will significantly impact its longevity

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An image of AWE 2023. iSwell presented thermoactuators in this exhibition for the first time ever.
June 02, 2023

iSwell Thermoactuator at AWE 2023

iSwell Thermoactuator debuted at AWE 2023 and generated interest and potential business opportunities.

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iSwell Thermal Actuators - blog image
September 28, 2022

Introduction to Thermal Actuators

Exploring the functions and benefits of thermal actuators and their role in the underfloor heating systems.

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iSwell P21.8T Thermoactuator Test result at different working load.
July 20, 2022

How to Test a Thermoactuator?

Thermoactuator testing involves a series of assessments to evaluate functionality, response time, temperature sensitivity, and durability.

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iSwell Thermoactuators - blog image
February 11, 2022

Introduction to Thermoactuators

More information on Thermoactuators, including their definition, how they function, and tips for selecting the appropriate one.

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Image of components of iSwell thermoactuator
December 13, 2021

The Internal Structures of Thermal Actuators & Wax Motors

Explaining 3 different structures, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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iSwell Wax Motors - blog image
November 6, 2021

Introduction to Wax Motors

Explaining the basics of a wax motor and the capabilities of wax, and exploring the various applications where wax motors are utilized.

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